The Contract Marriage

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Ms. Hua, a hardworking migrant who runs a hot-pot restaurant in Beijing, wants to get a registered permanent residence of Beijing for her son. Otherwise, her son can’t study in the local school. Marriage brokerage sets up a date for her and a fitness instructor Mr. Liu, a local single man who can help her with that. But he also needs Ms. Hua’s help because he wants money to restart his business. Therefore, they start a contract marriage because they both need something from each other. The couple find out that according to the laws and regulations, Mr. Liu has to own a property in order to get a registered permanent residence of Beijing for Ms. Hua’s son. After getting to know Mr. Liu, Ms. Hua transfers the ownership of her house to him. Mr. Liu starts his business again. Unfortunately, he is in debt that he decides to get a divorce with Ms. Hua to save her trouble. But Ms. Hua has made up her mind to help him go through difficulties. Later, Ms. Hua’s son finds about everything and doesn’t want his mom to sacrifice her happiness for him. So Hua and Liu get a divorce. On the day Mr. Liu gets the repayment from his business and gives it to Ms. Hua, they decide to restart a life together with no contract.

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