The Country’s Granary (2001)


It is the first year of young Emperor Qian Long’s reign. The country’s granary is in significant crisis, as suspicious events related to the manufacture and distribution of foodstuffs occur one after another. Government Official Liu Tong Xun from the Qing court’s Ministry of Punishment is put in charge of a nationwide investigation. Mi He is Official Mi Ru Cheng’s son. His father locked him in their attic for 3 years to force him to concentrate on his studies. One day he is able to escape with the help of Xiao Shu Zi, a lively and carefree spirit. Mi He vows to become an upstanding government official who works in the best interest of the people. He is able to garner the respect of Liu Tong Xun and others with his intelligence and dedication. Together they do their best to straighten out the country’s granary.

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