The Elder Brother And Elder Sister’s Good Age (2019)

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A sent-down youth who returns home after living in a rural area must deal with the consecutive tragedies in her life and a new family that she has never met before.
On Zhao Chun Lei’s first day back in the city, she is devastated by the sudden passing of her father. Her stepmother Liu Feng Ying who has three children becomes the new head of the household. Zhao Chun Lei’s lover Xu Hai Yang dies in an accident, yet a woman named Luo Gui Hua knocks on their door claiming to be pregnant with Xu Hai Yang’s child.
Misunderstandings and squabbles start to plague the family. The selfish younger brother Wu Ming Guang is out to fight Zhao Chun Lei over the house deed. The younger sister Wu Ming Mei blames Zhao Chun Lei for all the bad things that have happened in her life. The youngest sister Wu Ming Li deals with relationship problems of her own. As more misfortunes befall the family, can Zhao Chun Lei bring everyone together and find her own happiness?

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