The Emperor’s Secret Army

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It is rumored that there are twelve lost soldiers on the rivers and lakes, and those who win the soldiers can order the world. Jin Yiwei’s Qian Bin Yuan Bin was ordered to track down the whereabouts of the soldiers. Instead, he was directed to make use of Ji Menda and bring trouble. At the critical moment, Yuan Bin’s long-lost childhood playmate, the master of the Golden Knife Gate, appeared, releasing Yuan Bin’s crisis. In order to prevent Jimenda who tried to collect soldier symbols to endanger the country, Yuan Bin decided to find the twelve soldier symbols first.
In the process of searching for soldiers and the truth, Ji Menda was desperate to pursue, and he repeatedly saved Yuan Bin between life and death, and even injured him several times. The feelings of his childhood friends quickly rose, but his father suddenly appeared. Asked to kill Yuan Bin. How did this pair of desperate fate overcome the difficulties? The road to victory over Jimenda’s Guardian Runes is still difficult and unpredictable …

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