The Family (2018)

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A story revolving around a problematic family and each of their experiences. The chairman’s son crosses paths with his father’s secretary and the eldest daughter of the Fang Family.

Fang Xintian (Dong Jie) has a stable and successful career as the secretary for the chairman of a big corporation. Things take a turn for the worse when Wang Shuo (Zhai Tianlin), the son of the chairman suspects that she is romantically involved with his father. Wang Shuo arranges to work with her for the purposes of spying on her. It immediately puts her on her guard, yet their antagonistic relationship unexpectedly blossoms into a romance.

At the same time, Fang Tianyi (Roy Chiu) and Fang Xiaolong (Ren Yunjie), the two sons of the Fang Family, also face challenges in their love life. As the three were getting bruised and battered by circumstances, they receive a unique gift from their father. As the head of the household, Fang Yongfu (Li-Chun Lee) raised his children as a single father. He blames himself for how they have turned out and thinks that they have become cold and selfish due to a failure in his part to educate them. In the last journey of his life, he decides to part with his three kids by giving their final lesson, an ultimate lesson of love.

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