The Farewell Song (2024)

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When Ma Zhuo was 8 years old, he was brought to live with Linjiang by his mother Lin Guoguo. He met his neighbor’s brother Xia Ze, and the two became childhood sweethearts and gradually fell in love. After graduating from high school, they went in both directions and made a private decision, regardless of their parents’ opposition and the barriers of being in another place. Unexpectedly, Ma Zhuo’s mother Lin Guoguo died suddenly at this time, and Xia Ze’s father Xia Gang was listed as the main suspect, and his whereabouts are unknown. Ma Zhuo and Xia Ze’s identities changed from lovers to “daughters of victims” and “sons of suspects”, and they broke up painfully and decisively. A few years later, Ma Zhuo, who became an excellent lawyer, returned to Linjiang and met Xia Ze again. The two of them pursued the truth about their fathers together in dangers and thorns, and at the same time fell into a moving sadomasochism that broke out and combined.

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