The Fearless Duo


Yan (Barbara Yung) is a very playful gal and she had also learned some magic from her nanny. One day while on the street, she met Mun (Miu Kiu Wai) who was chasing a thief. Here, they got into a misunderstanding and left a bad impression on each other. Yan’s father was the chief magistrate in the town and Mun’s dad was a rank lower because he held a soldier’s rank. Both of these officers were corrupted. One day they heard that an imperial auditor is coming to the town and they were afraid that each would try to betray the other. In order to know whether they would encounter any troubles in the future, both went to the Taoist temple on the mountain to ask the supreme master (Liu Dan) to predict their fortune. The supreme master (SM) is a Taoist but he did not subscribe to the strict practices that a Taoist should be. His favourite drink is wine and he carried a wine flask wherever he went. SM punished the two corrupted officers by asking them to donate all the money they had corrupted to the temple. At first there are reluctance but a little magic by SM finally persuaded them to donate the money willingly.

One day, the chief constable (CC) of the imperial court arrived in town and visited Yan’s house. Everyone suspects that he was the imperial auditor but he was only chasing a wanted bandit and wanted the magistrate to help in his investigation. Mun’s father thought the imperial auditor is living in Yan’s house and was worried that he would be disadvantaged as a result. At the suggestion of his wife, they decided to arrange their family to be united by marriage so that they will not be harmed. Yan’s father agreed to this arrangement but both Yan and Mun refused after finding out who the other party was! However, they were to be wed to pleased the “Imperial Auditor”. The CC was very sad that Yan was getting married as he liked her (Yan had come to like Mun) too and he was making a fool of himself during the wedding which lead to Mun’s misunderstanding that they had a relationship.

During the wedding night, Yan drank the wedding wine which she was not supposed to drink because this would enable her to see things she might not be able to see normally. As a result, she insulted her mother-in-law while trying to ward off the evil thing. This gave an excuse to Mun to annul the marriage and ran away from home to avoid her. Yan was angry that she was not given a reason for the annulment and decided to go and look for him. Her senior who is also the son of her nanny was to accompany her on the trip. Her Senior aka Big Mole (BM) is a con man who always wanted to make a quick buck with his magic (learned from his mum). He is afraid of his mum knowing of his deed but as a senior he really took care of Yan and helped her to look for Mun.

While Mun is escaping from Yan , he met SM who is also escaping from his enemy. SM was injured by an ex member of the sect who had turned evil and wanted to take over as the supreme master of the Taoist Temple. They journeyed together for some distance before SM ditched Mun as he was unwillingly to travel with Mun who did not have any sense of urgency. Mun was tricked into carrying SM who became a stone and made a laughing stock but a group of travelling opera troupe. Later Mun saw SM again in a temple and decided to cook him alive in his bath. After SM agreed to help Mun to chase a gal with his magic that Mun released SM from the heat. In fact, SM is not serious and managed to fool Mun by turning him upside down in mid -air and started to tickle him under the feet. To SM surprise, he found that Mun had 7 spots under his feet and that made him the ideal person to learn magic and he wanted Mun to become his disciple and learn magic to defeat the evil sect. Mun did not believe in magic but SM was determined to have him as his successor.

Mun managed to get into the opera troupe as a role of a martial arts actor because the original guy was injured and SM got into the same troupe too as a water boy. Mun liked the leading actress of the troupe and did everything to please her. The leading actor of the troupe liked her as well and was jealous and wary of Mun and tried to get rid of him during one of their show. Unfortunately, his plan was foiled by Yan who rushed out of the stage to save Mun by catching the knife with her body. Yan had by this time learned that Mun is working in the opera troupe and that he liked the lead actress. While in the backstage, she heard that they are going to harm Mun by exchanging the fake knives with real one and wanted to warn Mun of that. Yan was injured but SM managed to save her and she was mad that Mun liked the leading actress.

On the other hand, the leading actress was actually the third disciple of the evil master and her mission was to find SM and killed him. Her secret was discovered by the leading actor of the troupe and was killed by her. BM found the dead leading actor and decided to use him to earn some money for himself but he was implicated in the death and was locked by CC. CC came to the town to look for Yan and thus he became the chief investigating officer for the case. Later SM managed to convince that the leading actress who belonged to the evil sect was actually the killer and BM was released. By this time, Mun was so deeply in love with the leading actress that he refused to listen to the SM and the rest of the people that she was actually evil. In the end when he knew that, he still insist on loving her. The leading actress was ordered to kill both SM and Mun (as he had the 7 stars under his feet and would be a treat to the evil sect). She tried to kill them but was killed herself and Mun was so devastated for a while.

Later on SM and Mun came to another new town and in this town they met a young village gal (Dong). SM was forcing Mun to be his disciple but the later refused and destroyed the house of Dong. They had to rebuild Dong’s house and stayed there for a while. Dong was an orphan so she was very happy when SM and Mun were here to stay with her and she even developed an affection for Mun. One time, she deliberately twisted her ankle so that the duo will stay longer. By this time, Yan and CC had also came to the town. CC was so crazy about Yan that he tried ways to win her affection and even feigned the injury of his ankle so that she can took care of her. At the suggestion of the court advisor, he even threatened to be a monk to test the feeling of Yan who of course persuaded him to think otherwise. Eventually, CC asked the advisor to ask for the hand in marriage of Yan but Yan did not agree and suggested them being sworn siblings instead. The advisor and his wife did not know how to tell CC and they made a big mistake and CC took the answer to be positive. CC went to prepared for the marriage and even reward the advisor and his wife for their efforts. In order to make sure that there is a bride for CC, they drugged Yan and hired someone to go through the wedding ceremony and put Yan in the wedding chamber. However, their ploy was not successful. CC took Yan and kidnapped Mun to a broken temple and attempted to burn them because Yan still loved Mun. He was stopped by SM and was sealed by SM in the temple. In the end, CC went insane.

By this time, Mun had developed for Yan but Yan decided that she had cause so much sadness and decide to go home. SM asked Yan to stay by promising to teach her some magic and also to help Mun to win her affection again. She went to stay with them in the mountain. Mun tried to win Yan’s sympathy by pretending to be bitten by a vampire. During this time, some unfortunate things had befell the village which is actually a farce by some greedy priests. Mun was poisoned by these priests and his pretence became real and no medicine seems to cure him, not even SM. This was because Dong had asked the priests for some medicine (which is actually poison) and mixed it with SM’s medicine that it did not work. Mun was sure that he was going to die and left their living place and Yan and the rest went looking for him. Yan found him after some prompt from SM and they made up and promised to be with each other no matter what happened. Dong found out about the evil doings of the priests and informed who asked her to look for Mun and Yan as he had found a cure for Mun. At this point, those phony priests used the fame of SM and cheated the villagers to donate money for a ceremony to get rid of the evil in the village. BM was impersonating SM but the news of “SM” appearing also lured the second disciple of the evil master to the ceremony. SM got the antidote from BM and saved Mun. Together, they fought the second evil disciple and exterminated him. Mun also finally acknowledged SM as his master and started to learn magic from him.

Mun was not concentrating in his magic because Yan went home. Yan was disappointed with the frivolous behaviours of Mun which was actually a misunderstanding. Mun attempted to explain but Yan had left for her uncle house before she received his letter. Mun and SM went all the way back home, then to Yan’s uncle place to look for her. Along the way, they met a woman who was trying to commit suicide. She was pregnant but her preganacy was actually a evil gas that was put in there to harm her. SM and Mun had to remove the gas before she was due to received her chastity plaque (she was widowed and had been faithful to her husband’s memory so the elders of the village decided to build the plaque as a symbol of her virtue) from her village. She (DS) also happened to be the cousin-in-law of Yan who was staying with their family at the time. Yan’s mother was thinking of arranging Yan to be married to her cousin but it was not to be. Mun was asked to investigate the person who brought the evil curse on DS and they agreed that DS’s in law were the greatest suspect. Mun infiltrated into the family as the cousin of DS and met Yan who initally thought DS and Mun had a relationship. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, they even try to compete who could find the truth first. The evil pregnancy was transferred from DS to SM and now SM had the pregnancy and Mun had to find out the source of the evil within 49 days before his stomach exploded. In the end they found the priest that did the spell because he was trying to harm DS again and saved SM. DS’s in-laws were also kicked out of the clan as their evil exploits were revealed. The priest that set the spell had a master who was the big disciple of the evil master. He found SM and Mun and attempted to kill them but was killed himself (technically, his soul was not destroyed so he could still be alive within three days and he did!)

Yan and Mun wanted to get married again but their parents were unwilling. After major compromise by Mun’s side, the wedding finally took place. On the day, CC turned up which was so unexpected because he was insane. In fact, CC is the Big evil disciple in disguise and he killed Yan who tried to protect Mun again. A wedding thus became a funeral. However, SM told Mun that he could still save Yan if he managed to catch the soul of Yan. He managed to do that but at the last moment before dawn arrived, there was an earth quake and he broke the container that had the soul of Yan in it. All hope is not lost because they could still capture Yan’s spirit back which was now floating on the way back to her home. As in all plot, it was not a smooth journey as they also need to transfer Yan’s body home and also to avoid cats and pregnant women along the way. Yan’s soul had to embed in some body so as to conserve energy along the way every 7 hours and Mun had to find out who and to extract her from the person. However, the evil sect had a run for the same soul and Yan’s soul was captured and imprisoned. In order to rescue her from the evil master, Mun had to learn the dark magic of the sect which is forbidden and he was banished from the sect. However, SM really doted on this disciple and helped him to learn the skill and was constantly concern on him having any side effect mastering the magic. The evil master (Sun) had learnt the skill and this had made him into a blood sucking monster of kids in order to control the side effects. His face will became half black and half white when the effect is on.

Mun mastered the black magic and saved Yan from the clutches of the evil sect. The sect was destroyed and Sun was pushed off the cliff. This is not the end because Yan lost her memory as a result of being too long away from her body. Mun and SM told her back to old places and had to enact what they had to experience before but to no avail. Finally, SM asked Mun to marry Yan again. During the wedding, SM took the form of CC and it jostled Yan’s deep memory and she remembered. Mun by this time was also suffering from the side effects of the black magic and he tried to control the occurrence but it got more difficult as times went by. On day, he met Sun who did not died who also told him that he can help to cure him provided that his life was spared. Mun got worse and he even resorted to kidnapping kids to try to suck their blood but was spotted and stopped by Yan. Yan was worried at his condition and consulted SM on a possible cure. Mun told SM that Sun would not tell him the cure unless he represented the dead body of SM. In the end, they tricked Sun that SM was dead and tried to extract the remedy from him. However, Sun was not taken in and after some struggles, he was overcome by Mun. At his deathbed, he told Mun that they was no cure at all. All of them were sadden to hear the news. SM suggested a last resort which was for Mun to die and try to revive him after that. SM had observed a changing effect in Sun when he died and thought perhaps by death, it would reverse the effects of the black magic. At an appointed time, the effects overtook Mun again and he was ‘killed’ by SM. Yan had to catch Mun’s soul this time. Like what it happened the last time, the container holding Mun’s soul was broken..

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