The Gifted Housekeeper (2023)

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Lin Xiao Pan’s parents divorced when she was a child, and after that, she went to Japan with her father to study, and graduated from Japan Junior College majoring in home economics. She seems to be silly and sweet, but in reality it’s opposite – she’s a stubborn and enthusiastic girl with a sense of justice. Her father dotes on his daughter and runs a Chinese restaurant in Japan.

Xiao Pan wanted to marry her boyfriend Zhou Zhi Wei, regardless of his father’s opposition and his poor social background. But she didn’t expect that he will run off, hearing about it. Wanting to start anew, Xiao Pan comes to Shanghai, and accidentally took over the job of cleaning the building, which starts her career as a housekeeper. Soon, she meets Zuo Fei, grieving the lost of his wife, and they both start to become closer.

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