The Girls’ Lies (2023)

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A story about a lie that follows two close friends through the workplace where they encounter their past and open doors to a new love.

Shu Fei and Lin Fei are as close as sisters. During their college days, their senior Qi Ran becomes interested in Lin Fei, yet she doesn’t have mutual feelings for him. Shu Fei who has a crush on Qi Ran has always been concerned with his wellbeing. Since she didn’t want him to be sad, she uses Lin Fei’s name to correspond with Qi Ran through letters.
After graduation, Shu Fei and Lin Fei both find a job at the same television shopping network. Shu Fei gets on the wrong foot with Director Lan Tian whom she mistakenly thought to be a pervert. She also discovers that Qi Ran is their boss which puts her in an awkward position to witness Qi Ran giving all of his attention to Lin Fei. Shu Fei decides to focus on work instead and becomes closer with Lan Tian over time. Lin Fei has also devoted herself to work and she will do everything to succeed especially after she finds out that she can exploit the lie that Shu Fei told to her own advantage.

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