The Glamorous Imperial Concubine

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Qing Shi Huang Fei is an adaptation of a novel written by Mu Rong Yan Er.Set in the chaotic and blood-stained “Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms” period, the story follows Ma Fu Ya (Ruby Lin), the beautiful princess of the Kingdom of Chu, who seeks to take revenge and revive her perished state.

On her journey, she is caught up in the affections of two supreme rulers, Qi You (Yan Kuan), the ruler of the Kingdom of Shu, and Lian Cheng (Wallace Huo), the ruler of the Kingdom of Northern Han.

Thrown into the dark reality of the royal harem, Fu Ya finds herself entangled in schemes and betrayal, and she learns that in order to survive, she must fight back.

With interests and kingdoms at stake, when love and power collides,which will be chosen over the other?

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