The Glorious era


On the eve of the Battle of Liao, Zheng Zhao Yang, an underground party member hidden in the police station of Beiping, has to retreat urgently because of a traitor’s betrayal. At the same time, the traitor took away the underground lurking list carefully prepared by the Kuomintang party.

Zheng Zhao Yang came to Xibaipo to oversee the city school. His return is a threat to the late Kuomintang agents in the Beiping area. The Kuomintang party has no choice but to launch a special action group composed of “Cold Chess” agents, codenamed Taoyuan. The person in charge of “Taoyuan” is Zheng Zhao Yang’s brother, the director of the Peking Youth Promotion Association, and famous doctor Zheng Zhao Shan.

After Beiping’s peaceful liberation, Zheng Zhao Yang returns to Beijing. He faces not only the surviving agents and the tens of thousands of Kuomintang stragglers, but also the mysterious “Taoyuan” action group and Zheng Zhao Shan.

The two brothers each began a tit-for-tat confrontation on behalf of their own class. The two are good brothers, secretly trying their best to fight against the escalation. In the end, the Taoyuan Action Group is completely destroyed. The city of Beijing undergoes earth-shaking changes. Everyone is ready for the rebirth, and they are full of hope.

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