The Great Escape 2 MASTER Ver. (2020)

Each issue of the show is co-operated by six great players. They are trapped in confined spaces with different themes and sent to secret rooms with different themes. They need to assist each other to complete the escape. They can only rely on inference details and hints to gradually open up new spaces. Combine to unlock various organs to escape until all members escape.

The program guests of “Escape the Second Season of the Great God Edition” are composed of senior players such as Pu Yixing, Tang Jiuzhou, Shao Mingming, Huoshu, JY, Young Gangzhu, Zhou Junwei and so on. They are not only online in appearance, IQ, and EQ, but also stable output, and their interactive performance is very exciting. Compared with “Escape Room Season 2”, it is more focused on solving puzzles and has a faster pace. The production team can adjust the difficulty of the secret room task according to the trial play of experienced players.

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