The Great Shaolin (2017)

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Jiajingnianjian, the court was strict party control, internal political affairs of corruption, rampant coastal pirates, Ming stake. The city of Nanjing, Nanjing Su Bing Cheng Cheng Wen said the son was very intelligent, wunderkind, Jun Wang Fu Princess and the desire childhood Li Zhen Zhen married, however, the text of a marriage of two weapons, has caused fear court officials Matilda .

  So, Matilda news channel designed to promote the process of sworn brothers high Jianxiong, and leave the decree will Cheng Wen Road, a Daughter. Feel guilty of high Jianxiong put away a chance to live news channel, but both from grudges. Wen said the injured were rescued Shaolin monks of Shaolin pharmacy treatment, asked for a story about “Zen, military, medical” begins.

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