The Holy Pearl

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Many years ago Mo Yin, the human form of the goddess Tengshe, was jealous of her sister Xian Yue’s popularity with the humans they protected and the love she received from the king. Mo Yin colluded with the demon lord Shi You Ming to kill her sister Xian Yue. The act upset the balance between the divine, human and demon worlds, giving demons an upper hand.

In the present, Xian Yue’s reincarnation, Ding Yao, is an average college student majoring in history. While helping her father, an archaeologist, she comes across the Nine-Star Wheel, accidentally triggering it causing her to go back 3500 years into the past to Nanyue.

The king of Nanyue wishes to marry her upon seeing her resemblance to Xian Yue. Ding Yao flees the palace only to be attacked by demons who are after the Demon-Subduing Vase. She hides in a tomb where the half-breed Wen Tian is held prisoner and subsequently frees him and saves her. The Demon-Subduing Vase appears mysteriously from a clay figurine Ding Yao carries.

Unfortunately, Ding Yao accidentally shatters the vase. Now she set on a mission alongside Wen Tian to reforge the vase using the holy pearls that Nüwa left behind from creating the human world.

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