The Home Of Lady


The thirties of the last century, Shanghai, Zhou Jin impoverished accidentally discovered his bizarre personal life, but his father has decades ago died due to unknown reasons. Zhou Jin know the truth one for the father straight, conspired together with childhood friends sneaked Su Zhiwen was on the beach mighty Shen, but accidentally discovered under the “lady of the house” glamorous appearance, but in reality crises. Missy duplicity soft side branches, Zhuangfengmaisha two Miss Fang Qi, four Miss money eyes had rain shirt, and saddled with three lady’s family secrets Yuanduchongyang 凌戈 …… All this guideline Zhou Jin uncover the mysteries of a step by step to find out the truth. As the fog gradually open, she found all the secrets hidden behind are countless hidden love and struggle. In the love-hate, Zhou Jin gradually recognize their own heart, choose a bright direction, not only secretly tracing to find the murderers, the ice slowly melts her heart, chose Guardian home with his family.

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