The Human Condition S2


In which direction will man lead his life and how can he choose the pattern of his life amidst the modern conveniences that rule over the contemporary society? Where can man find touches of humanity in modern civilization? Mobile phones, Internet and TV are necessities for people living in the contemporary period. They are at the forefront of modern civilization and deeply entrenched in people’s lives. However, are they really necessities for us? In this program, six comedians, representative of the nation, go through life without these three necessities for seven days. They tell vividly of their experiences and the change in their living patterns and their attitudes caused by this lack of the must-haves. This will give viewers opportunities for ruminating over their own lives.

“The Human Condition”, a pilot program, will feature diverse and true-to-life episodes on the experience of life without necessities by six comedians. The comedians live in a designated lodging place for seven days without cellular phones, access to the internet and TV. In the process, they are surprised to find new things they don’t know about themselves. They all say that they found the importance of a man’s word, and as free time increases in a life without digital appliances, they talk with each other more and work together on more things than before, which makes them feel closer. In addition, the various other experiences of the comedians will be presented through the 24-hour in-depth reporting in this program.

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