The Kick

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Taekwondo medalist, Master Moon (Jo Jae-Hyeon) has a family filled with talented individuals. His wife Yoon is a master in the kitchen. Their eldest child Tae-Yang (Na Tae-Joo) is a master of dance action. Their second child Tae-Mi (Tae-Mi) is a master of the high kick and their youngest child Tae-Poong is a master of the head-butt. They are a happy family. Master Moon runs a taekwondo studio in Bangkok.
One day, the family happens to bump into the group Suk-Doo – who stole a legendary Thai sword and are on the run. Master Moon’s family are able to capture the group. The family then becomes national heroes in Thailand. Trouble soon brews for the family when the Suk-Doo group kidnaps their youngest child Tae-Poong…

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