The King of Soldiers

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In order to prove to high school students and teachers, Shen Xiao has more opportunities and positions to prove his worth in addition to going to college. He has signed up for the army and became a fire fighter of the Beigang City Fire Department. In the army, Shen Xiao is a “stabbing soldier” who is training and mischievous at the same time. He has to grab a head and get a show in order to prove himself. Later, in the face of the teachings of the high school team and the veteran Huang Fusheng, in the face of the sacrifice of the comrades in the fire, he finally understood the truth. The value and honor of the soldiers is not based on vanity and face, but on the motherland. On top of the interests of the people, when you are a soldier, you will not be for yourself, but for others.

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