The Kung Fu Cult Master


“The Kung Fu Cult Master” is adapted from one of the famous novels written by the famed kung fu novel writer Louis Cha. Director Wong Jing makes it as a movie added with large amount of kung fu sequences and profound portraits of affections, which vividly bring the characters to life on the silver screen. The story is about Kay, the son of Shan and So, becomes one of the top kung fu masters by learning a superb kung fu by chance. However, also because of this, he is dragged in the struggle among the good and evil in the fight of two precious swords, Yee Tin and Tao Lung. Kung fu stars Jet Li and Sammo Hung have shown their marvelous and stunning martial arts techniques in the movie, together with the fantastic original story, this is a martial arts movie that one should not miss.

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