The Legend Of Chinese Zodiac


Before the flood, the world was in confusion. Chi You had sold his soul for prevailing against Huang Di Emperor.

Xing Hu was an orphan and he was brought up by a tigress. After Shen Nung’s revealing, Xing Hu took the emperorship which called “The twelve medical folk”. He started to look for the 12 zodiac animals with Shen Nung’s apprentice— Xue Lian together and they hoped they could save the world.

Through unscathed, they met Mi Junfei and Xiao Yuer and got the key “Tian Que Yu Pan” which could open theurgist of “the medical folk”.

Day after day passed by, Xing Hu and his friends moved and crossed different magical kingdoms to seek the reincarnated soul men of the 12 zodiac animals. Unexpectedly, the evil— Chi Mei utilized the weakness of human to change them into evil, in order to persecute all human beings. Xing Hu and his friends were surrounded by dangers.

On their way, a mysterious woman suddenly appeared who looked-alike the former lover of Xing Hu. Her name was Ling Ji. Regardless of others’ opposition, Xing Hu was determined to go with the mysterious woman.

Whoever can the woman be?

How’s their love story going on? How did it come out?

The 12 zodiac can be gather or not, and could they really help Huang Di Emperor defeat the strong army which founded by Chi You and Chi Mei?

Whether the world could return to peace or not?

An extended adventurous of the 12 zodiac is just beginning!

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