The Legend of Lady Chung (1985)

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Initially, Mou Yim is a deity in the heavens. But she fails in her attempt to catch the 9-tail fox. The fox is so daring as to spit fire at her face. This is why her face is disfigured. The heavenly empress is so mad with her that she banishes Mou Yim to earth to seek the fox out.
So she is now in earth as a normal village woman who knows martial arts. One day, the emperor is in danger and she saves him. The emperor is attracted to her beauty because he can only see the normal half of her disfigured face. Upon seeing her real looks, he regrets but has no choice to keep his promise to keep her as his empress.
She is then neglected because of her looks. I laughed at the part when she is so troubled for not being able to produce an heir. So a deity gives her a pearl, which is said to be able to beautify her looks in one night when she looks at it. So, the emperor sleeps with her for the night upon seeing her beauty. But he is so disappointed that she is ugly again after that night, so he goes back to his concubine, Ying Chun.

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