The Making of an Ordinary Woman 2 (2021)

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Chia-Ling is ready for life after 40! A stable relationship, a career change, love and support from her family and finally getting her own house, what’s not to like about 40? Just when she ventures into this new stage of womanhood, she was told by her doctor that she is showing signs of early menopause. As the clock is ticking, she feels more pressured to figure out what she wants for her life. Yet, she is not the only one! Her father’s health is slowly deteriorating. Realizing time is not on his side, her father reconnects with his first love again, leaving Chia-Ling’s mother upset and furious.

As Chia-Ling juggles between work and relationship, she must also deal with her peculiar family as her unfaithful father, self-pitying mother, confused brother, and even her hapless cousin in Taipei, are all fighting for her attention. Yet, none of these come close to the abrupt surprise waiting around the corner: an innocent, unblemished life that will change Chia-Ling’s life on a catastrophic leve

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