The Millionaires Express

The far east meets the old west in this fun-filled adventure about a lovable rogue (Sammo Hung) and an incorruptible sheriff (Yuen Biao) who come together to face an explosion of brawls, bandits and bordellos, before teaming up to save their town.

Overview: Sammo plays a shady businessman who has plans to revive the town of Hanshui, in which he grew up in. Biao plays the law of the town who is not only suspicious of Sammo but must also catch some bank robbers. Speeding towards Hanshui is the Shanghai Express, a train containing many wealthy people. The train is not only the target of Sammo’s plans but also a gang of train robbers. In the end the factions, including some Japanese, must combine together to stop the train robbers. An excellent film with many hilarious moments and some great fights including a fight between Sammo and Biao. Also included in the film are plenty of familiar faces which adds to this masterpiece.

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