The Perfect Wedding (2018)

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A story about two sisters falling for one man after the younger sister asks the older sister to go on a date in her stead.

Ning Xia (Jiang Mengjie) is an ordinary office worker. She once saved Zhao Dan Qiao (Dennis Oh), a young executive who has been searching for her for years. She finds a job at his company though the two start out with their initial biases towards each other and oblivious to their connection in the past.

Ning Xia has been using the username Little Red Bean to keep in touch with a person named Shu Dong online. When she finds out that Zhao Dan Qiao is the person that she has been chatting with, she becomes suspicious and tells her cousin Ning Xin (Lu Jiarong) to meet with him instead. After being dumped by her ex-boyfriend for money and learning that Zhao Dan Qiao comes from a rich family, Ning Xin becomes determined to marry him and becomes a roadblock when Ning Xia and Zhao Dan Qiao start falling for each other.

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