The Railroad

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Park Heung Sik, director of The Twins and the critically acclaimed short film “A Day”, presents his sophomore feature, The Railroad. During its screening at the 11th Pusan Film Festival, the film was well received by both critics and audiences. Starring Kim Kang Woo (Beast and the Beauty) and Son Tae Young (Sad Movie), The Railroad is a meticulously choreographed psychological drama about the lives of two unrelated people and the circumstances that ultimately bring them together.

Man Soo (Kim Kang Woo) is a train conductor. Everyday he performs the same old routines, and gradually his days begin to feel as uneventful and predictable as the ongoing rotation of the wheels on his train. One day, his train gets caught in a messy accident involving a passenger’s suicide, and he is forced to take leave from work. He gets on the last train.

Hanna (Son Tae Young) is an attractive college instructor who is having an affair with a married professor. Her world is turned upside down when his wife confronts her. Abandoned and betrayed by her lover, Hanna is forced to face her own demons. She quits her job, and hops onto the last train. A train conductor and a college instructor seem to share nothing in common. But for Man Soo and Hanna, brought together by fate, finding solace in the companion of a stranger has never been better.

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