The Red

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1937 winter Songhu ended the war, the fall of Shanghai. In order to help a few of my arms Party guerrillas bombed the Japanese ship, shipped detained medical supplies, accountants Xu days is wrapped into a sudden fight. Communists fought spirit infected Xu days. Originally just want to live the ordinary life of ordinary people, he wants to try to help these revolutionaries to complete unfinished wish, this group of medical supplies and a red pamphlet party list forwarded to the party organization hands. Since then, Xu day began with the Japanese officer Zuo shadow, the total Chinese fishing old material, the underworld god of gold and other forces repeated several parties contest, again and again and danger. Although the environment difficult, but Xu days did not give up, think of those brave sacrifice Communists, gave Xu days of fighting courage alone. With the help of the party organization, the last day to beat the shadow Zuo Xu, the success of medical supplies and red booklet to the party organization. Meanwhile, the increase in action in their own consciousness, and ultimately became a gloriously Chinese Communists, the achievements of a romantic red legend.

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