The Return of Wong Fei Hung (1984)

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Lam Sai Wing, a butcher who makes a living with his older sister by selling pork in Guangzhou. He and his childhood friend Au Yeung Ching Ching go on to develop romantic feelings for one another. Later Sai Wing also meets Leung Foon, Buckteeth So, Wong Chun Yee and Wong’s father: Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung. As a martial arts fanatic, Sai Wing have always idolized Master Wong and together with So and Foon, Sai Wing decides to formally be Wong’s apprentice.

After becoming Wong’s apprentice, Sai Wing becomes indulged with martial arts and neglects Ching Ching. At this time, Ching Ching also meets a talented man named Nap Lan Ching Tak and they two of them fall in love. When Sai Wing tries to confess his love to Ching Ching once again, it was already too late since Ching has decided to marry Ching Tak. After some twist and turns, Sai Wing finally touches Ching Ching’s heart with his sincerity but also attracting the jealousy and hatred of Ching Tak. At this time, Ching Tak plans to exact revenge on Sai Wing and the people around him.

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