The Romance The Series (2021)


The Romance” is about two groups of stars who come together to write a script of love stories. “Look Into His World” tells the story about virtual idol Rainbow (played by Wu Xuanyi) and music producer Xiao Kai (played by Lil Ghost)’s meeting. Rainbow carries the responsibility of an idol, and Xiao Kai is reluctant to lose his freedom of producing music. As they face the difficult choice of relationship and reality, what path will they choose? “Let’s Write Love Story” tells the story of a down and out “derpy” writer Xu Dezhi (played by Timmy Xu) who has to cohabitate with mysterious lady Qiao Duoduo (played by Bridgette Qiao) who appeared out of nowhere. This pair of frenemies see their feelings for each other start to change as they go through their daily lives messing with each other…

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