The Seaside Motel


Director Moriya Kentaro (School Daze) goes for a Japanese take on Four Rooms with Seaside Motel, an ensemble comedy based on the comic book Motel by Okada Yukio. The surreal comedy first hilariously sets up its premise by bringing groups of strangers that include gangsters, gamblers, and call girls into four separate rooms, only to send them into a chaotic colliding course over one fateful night. To match his eccentric group of characters, Moriya has brought together an equally eccentric cast that includes Ikuta Toma (The Fallen Angel), Aso Kumiko (Instant Swamp), Yamada Takayuki (Crows Zero), Tamayama Tetsuji (Goemon), Narumi Riko (Bushido Sixteen), and Furuda Arata (20th Century Boys). The first thing that’s wrong with the Seaside Motel is that it’s surrounded by mountains with no sea by its side. The second thing wrong is its weird group of guests tonight: A traveling salesman of bogus cosmetics (Ikuta Toma) and a call girl (Kumiko Aso); a businessman with erectile dysfunction (Furuta Arata) and his bored wife; a indebted gambler (Yamada Takayuki), his girlfriend (Narumi Riko), and his debt collector (Tamayama Tetsuji); and don’t forget the cabaret girl and her usual customer. They may all be in different rooms with their own problems, but the paths of these strangers will intertwine into an unsolvable knot on this particularly eventful night, and it can only happen at the Seaside Motel. 

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