The Sleeping Beauty

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{The Sleeping Beauty} is a modern drama produced by Lafeng Entertainment Co. In conclusion, this drama narrated the story that the female protagonist Ye Yi Shan lost her memory after a car accident happened. She trying to seek her memory from the past and keep a positive attitude to face her life with all the help from her family and her lover. A year ago, Ye Yi Shan’s sister, Ye Yi Ting and herself faced a disaster car accident, Yi Ting(Yi Shan’s sister) was serious injured, and Yi Shan was in a coma. After both of them got treatments, Yi Ting(Yi Shan’s sister) was discharged from the hospital and fully recover from the car accident. Yet, Yi Shan only awaken after a whole year of being in coma period, and lost all of her memory. Yi Shan mother Fong Dai Zheng; her aunt Ye qing; and her fiancé Xu an persistence on helping Yi Shan to regain her memory. With all of the caring and love from her family and friends, she slowly passing through her obstacles, and starting to use her positive attitude to face her life. The transformed Yi Shan slowly recognized by everybody around her. But her sister started to become really frighten since then, She is really afraid that her sister Yi Shan is going to steal everything away from her. What makes everybody feel even more astonish is that Yi Ting(Yi Shan’s sister) started to become really sensitive, suspicious and the big transformation on her behaviors. Yi Ting’s husband Zhe Ming Wu finally had enough of her behaviors and attitude as the result, they got divorced. In the beginning, Yi Ting thought that she was the one who is adopted, that’s why she never get as much attention from her parents. But actually Yi Shan is the one that got adopted. Yi Shan choose to keep her kind-hearted and trueness and put it into actions to make her sister Yi Ting feel love and change back to her original self. Yi Shan gained recognition with her efforts, her life is composed of positive energies, and happiness. Script writer: Ma Gang Yuan Stage director: Gao Xian Ming Protagonists : Li Cai HuaLin Xiao ShuJiang Zu PingYang Hao Yu

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