The Slicing of the Demon

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During the Ming Dynasty, executioner To Sei Hoi and his god-brother, Shui Yu Chan, a doctor, accidentally enter the town of Cheung Lung. Cheung Lung appears to be a happy and peaceful place. However, underneath the facade, it’s hiding a very big secret.
The brothers meet the town’s wealthiest man Fok Tin Ming, as well as his stubborn and unreasonable daughter, Fok Sin Yiu. By mistake, Hoi and Yiu get married and become husband and wife. Suddenly, a number of murders happen in the town. While investigating, Hoi discovers that he and Chan are being caught in a trap. It turns out that there’s someone behind the scenes pulling the strings. But, who is it? Is it a god? A person? The unknown causes immense fear in people…

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