The Story of a Noble Family (2003)

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Jin Yan Xi, a young man from an influential family, falls in love with a girl called Leng Qing Qiu, who comes from a poor background. They continue to date even though the difference in their respective social statuses prevents them from being together. Bai Xiu Zhu, a girl from another affluent family, also falls in love with Yan Xi, who rejects her and goes on to marry Qing Qiu. However, Yan Xi’s restlessness, spoiled personality and boredom of life after marriage prompts him to have an extramarital affair with Xiu Zhu. He eventually breaks up with Qing Qiu and leaves her and his newborn son so that he can accompany Xiu Zhu to Germany.
When the house where Qing Qiu and his son lived catches fire, Yan Xi thinks that they have died and he collapses in sorrow and regret. However, Qing Qiu and their son actually survived. Yan Xi tries to find Qing Qiu at the train station and imagines himself hugging her. Qing Qiu is actually near him on a southbound train. Yan Xi gives up and boards a train heading in the opposite direction after seeing that there is nothing left for him at home (his family is breaking up since his father had been robbed of his wealth and had died). The once loving couple now part ways and never saw each other again.

~~ Adapted from a novel of the same name by Zhang Hen Shui.

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