The Summer of Our Graduation 2014

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Department of gifted performers Zhang Chong (Wu Jianfei ornaments) silent crush small summer beauty school beauty (Zhang Ni ornaments) more than a decade, but suffer from their own hair and blue little brother Kai (Zhang Di ornaments) girlfriend, but only the love deep inside. The day before graduation, Blue Kai find Zhang Chong, mysteriously want their help to think of a rhetoric: he wants to tell a small summer break! The reason is that he plays with the “nanny” female man at the rehearsal of Shakespeare good on the small summer already fatigued! Do not know how to say angry abnormal difficulties Zhang Chong a time dilemma, but a congregation Pro will graduate buddy, girlfriends style all their own, beautifully! HAO Fei Song of God fine points system (large Zhang ornaments) to campus employers big BOSS (Kenneth Tsang ornaments), broadcasting system literary men (Blue Bird Flying Fish ornaments), Meng super geek dad (Hong Jiantao ornaments) as the representatives of various busy students, teachers and parents before graduation accidentally intertwined.

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