The Sun Beaten Path

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Nima, a soon-to-be groom, waits with his brother at a crossroad for his mother’s return from their sister’s house in town. His brother rides his motorcycle with their mother on the back seat, while Nima drives a brand new hand tractor behind them. His mother’s waistband was accidently caught in the rear wheel of the motorcycle. The force of the fast moving motorcycle pulled their mother off the back seat. Following too closely to the motorcycle, Nima’s hand tractor tragically kills his fallen mother. Sorrow and guilt overpower Nima so much that he cannot forgive himself. He heads to Lhasa as a pilgrim prostrating all the way there. However his pilgrimage does not alleviate his grief and guilt. On the way back from Lhasa he meets an old man. Together they cross no man’s land

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