The Sun Shines On Me (2020)

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Ren Wenxiu went to the township government to find a job because of family friction with Han Chunmei’s neighborhood. Here, she met several people who had trouble with her in life: veteran Zhang Lin, middle school teacher Yang Zhigang, township government secretary Li Ping, and Wang Li. Wenxiu wanted to be an official when she entered the township government and wanted to work. Zhang Lin really didn’t look down upon Zhang Lin. As a veteran, Zhang Lin was a tough, decent, and hard-working personality. There were constant contradictions around working styles. Although people have had a lot of misunderstandings, Zhang Lin fell in love with Wenxiu while gradually getting to know Wenxiu. Coincidentally, Wenxiu married Yang Zhigang. Yang Zhigang’s ex-girlfriend Wang Li not only disturbed Wenxiu’s family but also stumbled and excluded Wenxiu at work. At this time, Zhang Lin’s Weihe River Governance Office was short of manpower. Wenxiu couldn’t bear to watch the villagers suffer the threat of floods along the Weihe River again. She did not hesitate to join the team. The people got rid of the threat of the flood, and while leading the villagers to join hands in a well-off society, to achieve harmony between people and water, to live and work in peace and contentment, Ren Wenxiu also successfully joined the party.

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