The Twins Effect

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A powerful, age-old bloodsucker attempts to gather the blood essence that will enable him to walk in daylight — and the only thing standing between his success and the forthcoming age of darkness is a trio of skilled vampire slayers in director Dante Lam’s The Twins Effect. Top agent Reeve (Ekin Cheng) works for a secret organization dedicated to ridding the world of the fanged menace, and though his razor-sharp fighting skills — not to mention and the occasional dose of vampire blood — give him an edge over your typical vampire slayer, his new partner, Gypsy (Gillian Chung), also possesses formidable skills. When Reeve learns that his younger sister Helen (Charlene Choi) is romantically linked with a sensitive, new-age vampire prince, Kazaf (Edison Chen), who possesses the final piece of the puzzle needed for the dreaded Duke Dekotes (Mickey Hardt) to overpower humankind and rule the Earth, Reeve, Gypsy, and a reluctant Helen soon jump into action. Combine their skills with that of a quick-kicking paramedic (Jackie Chan), and the human race just may stand a chance for survival after all. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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