The Wife of Marshal

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In Hong Kong in the 1920s, General Xi ze called “Shadow’s King” captures the traitors with an order, and he meets Lu Xiao Kui because of 5 Yen (Chinese currency) then they become friends. Xi ze is always proud, arrogant and rebellious. His father wants to find an elite student from the Military Academy and “tame” him, The person he brings is Lu Xiao Kui. Lu Xiao Kui is an excellent student (especially in Chinese manners) and believes that “knowledge changes the fate.” These two people compete with each other in all fields, such as lessons, reasoning and courage. While Lu Xiao Kui is about to fall in love with Xi ze, Xi ze says to her, “You can’t love me in this world.” I wonder what fate of these two lovers will be?
(Source: Fgen and SowonKhan by Asia Dizi Filmleri ADF (Asian Dramas) translation team. )

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