The Wig aka Gabal

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Journey once more into the world of Asian horror with The Wig, a terrifying supernatural horror picture from filmmaker Won Sin Yeon! In his feature length directorial debut, Won crafts a gruesome tale centering on two sisters and the demonic wig that comes between them. Each sister, it seems, has suffered a terrible trauma: Chi Hyon (Yoo Seon, from The Uninvited) can no longer speak due to a terrible car accident that damaged her vocal chords, while her younger sibling Su Hyon (Chae Min Seo, from Champion and Aegis) has been diagnosed with cancer with little chance for recovery. For most of their lives, the two young women have nurtured a loving sisterly relationship, one that has only grown stronger in the face of adversity, that is – until one fateful day. When Su Hyon loses her hair due to chemotherapy treatment, Chi Hyon decides to give her younger sister a beautiful wig to help her regain her confidence. Immediately, Su Hyon begins to change in ways her elder sister never expected. While the wig rejuvenates her body and spirit, it also begins to take over her mind, as Su Hyun starts to transform into an entirely different sort of woman. Clearly, this is no ordinary hairpiece. Soon enough, sibling rivalry erupts as the two compete for the love of Chi Hyon’s boyfriend, a complicated love triangle that climaxes in surprising ways. The wig seems to feed on the memories of its possessor, but why? What secrets does it hold? Find out the horrifying truth in The Wig, first-time director Won Sin Yeon’s terrifying foray into Asian horror!

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