Think About You For 37


Han Yue (Fu Xinbo ornaments) cafe in Dali met and fell in love with the beauty Lvwen, a former motorcycle racer Lvwen because of an accident resulting in brain nerve damage, memory can only be maintained day, Han Yue brains to come up with each day ways to please his beloved girl “again” pursuit Lvwen, they love every day, such as first love staged.
If you meet as miss, can you let me love again again in the memory. If Han Yue on the second day to make 吕雯 no longer be the next second memorial, those passing along the street corner, hand saw sunset setting sun, is not it can be re-then into my heart. This is Han Yue want Lvwen first 37 days, and if you forget, do not worry, I remember, and remind you. 37 times you just want to start, in fact, the story still continues ……

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