Thinking of You, Lu Xiang Bei


Tong Yi Nian marries Lu Xiang Bei at the behest of her fathers pressure. Despite being fairly attractive, she has no feelings towards her husband. Prior to her marriage she already suspected his motive for agreeing to the marriage was the wealth he would attain by gaining the Tong family alliance. Her suspicions are confirmed, once she fully marries him and receives the cold shoulder, along with harsh treatment and an open affair with his mistress. Despite wanting to divorce him, her family and friends insist he is a good man and she is just being ignorant, her father is more persistent than ever, even threatening to disown her if she divorces Xiang Bei. As Yi Nian discovers the truth and learns the past of Xiang Bei, the premise lies in whether she can save her broken marriage. (Based off a novel by Jí Xiáng Yè, and produced by Hawick Lau.)

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