Three Girlfriend Three Mom

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Peace plan to buy a house, reconcile wife’s mother and stepmother 葛红梅 Levin bamboo, with the ex-wife may remarry Romania, but the mother Ding Yulan with NI good nanny arrival disrupted his entire plan. Levin Zhu hurried peace with Luo also remarried, Ge Hongmei Luo Weiwei outdone introduced to peace, while Ding Yulan just put a good nanny Ni introduced to peace, let him get married. After twists and turns, peace and good NI fruition, true love. The good life is about to begin, Ding Yulan abroad but with conspiracy stepson Mike arrived, he also teamed up with Romania, intends to break the peace and Ni is good, but to find his father left Ding Yulan heritage. Luo also to recover peace, made ​​a series of crazy moves, almost let the family company closures, and ultimately let Levin Zhu also extremely disappointed for her, turned in favor of peace and Ni well together, but also good when the company appointed Ni CEOs. A missing person, unlock the mystery of the whereabouts of Mike father’s estate, but also to peace in a person’s life have weathered the storm and return to calm, to greet a new life.

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