Tiger Mum


He Xuemei (Huang Biren) is a senior prison officer. As she is known for her stern demeanor and authoritative manner, the prisoners nicknamed her “Tigress”. Someone just has to shout “Tigress is here”, and everyone will put on their best behavior to avoid being marked by “Tigress”. However, behind that steel veneer is a heart of gold. She cares about the prisoners, and often encourages them to improve themselves so that they will be able to earn a living upon their release from prison. Occasionally, she also helps them to resolve their personal problems. Chen Kai (Yao Wenlong) lost his wife in the early years of their marriage. He is sapped juggling between managing his career and raising four children, Huixin (Julie Tan), Haowei (Ian Fang), Haolian (Aloysius Pang), and Huiyan (Bonnie Loo), who differ markedly in character. Much as Chen Kai would like to be a good father, he is drifting apart from his children. Xuemei does not mind that Chen Kai is a father of four. Neither is Chen Kai put off by Xuemei’s self-deprecating remark that she is “not pretty, not gentle and not thoughtful”. The two of them hit it off and decide to enter into a relationship with marriage in the cards. The four children resist Xuemei’s intrusion into their lives and are determined to join hands to fend off “the invasion of Tiger Mum”. In the end, will Xuemei the “Tigress” win the children’s hearts? Will her relationship with Chen Kai receive their blessings?

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