To Catch the Uncatchable

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Detective Mok (Dayo Wong) is a very smart detective with a high IQ, but he has asthma and sometimes appears slow and weak.

When solving one of his cases, Mok meets insurance agent Wai (Ada Choi). She mistakes him for a pervert who has been photographing women in public toilets, leading to some hilarious misunderstandings. Soon after that case is solved, Wai is accused of shoplifting and then becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her boss. Mok proves her innocence in both cases, but at first she still can’t stand him. Later they become friends, but there is still conflict between them because Mok is always broke, so when they go out Wai has to pay.

Wai’s job is not easy and Romeo (Marco Ngai), the leader of a rival insurance team, makes it a lot harder. Romeo leads the men’s team and Wai leads the women’s team, and the competition between the men and women never ends. There is constant gossip in the office, which is often overheard by the person being gossiped about.

Wai and Mok meet Jim (Michael Tong), a fitness trainer, who is involved in several cases. Jim falls in love with Wai, but Wai likes Mok instead.

There are a lot of funny scenes and the cases are always different.

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