To Sir

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Mrs. Park used to be an elementary school teacher who has fallen ill. One of her old students is caring for her at her seaside house and thinks that if Mrs. Park can see her old students again she’ll be able to die happy. Mrs. Park has no family left, except for her deformed child who doesn’t live with her anymore. As her students arrive one by one, we find out through flashbacks that Mrs. Park isn’t as sweet as she seemed. As a teacher she had a cruel streak that has affected the lives of those she taught forever. She also used to lock her deformed child (who wore a bunny mask to hide his face) in the basement while the other children made fun of him. As the mood of the reunion turns confrontational, it seems that all of Mrs. Park’s old students have murderous intentions towards her. Soon, people start dying gruesome deaths at the hands of a bunny-masked killer. Is Mrs. Park’s son back for revenge on her and the students that taunted him? Is one of Mrs. Park’s students to blame? And you thought your school reunions were torture…

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