Tokyo Love Story


Snagging a new job at Heart Sports’ sales department, Kanji transfers to the Tokyo office, where he meets his new colleague Rika and is reunited with his best friends from home—Mikami and Satomi. Mikami, Kanji, and Satomi have been friends since they were children, having grown up in the same small town. Mikami is Kanji’s best male friend and Satomi is their platonic female friend whom both Mikami and Kanji have had a crush on since high school. After seeing Mikami forcedly kissing Satomi, Kanji felt despair, however, then quickly developed strong affection for Rika who was always energetic, funny, encouraging and caring. Their relationship was rather unstable to begin with, given Kanji’s history with Satomi as well as Rika’s (not so) secret affair with her and Kanji’s boss Sendo [this affair was much more of a determinant in the original manga than in the drama, when Rika got pregnant bearing Sendo’s child (not shown in the drama version), which was one of the reasons why Kanji chose Satomi over Rika]. In the meantime, denied by Satomi who thought Mikami was just playing with her, Mikami’s attempts on pursuing his med school classmate Nagasaki had also been with much frustration.

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