Toshishita no Otoko

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Inamori Izumi plays Yamaguchi Chikako, a 30 years old ordinary office lady who is longing for marriage and love her whole lonesome life. she has been asked out on a date many times by her brother’s friend ; Tsuji Kengo (played by Kashu Toshiki) who has been rejected by her several times. Little did they know that Chikako has had crush on the Corporate Sales Manager ; Izaki Shun (played by Takahashi Katsunori) for a while, Eventually, she realizes that waiting for love to show up at the door step will never happen, she finally worked up enough courage to confess her love to the manager. Sadly, the confession did not turn out well, She was rejected and heart broken. On the same night, guess who is spending the night at the hotel with Chikako’s mom ; Yamaguchi Hanae (played by Fubuki Jun), believe or not, it’s the Sales Manager whom she met a business function and also is lot younger than she is …………. shocking isn’t….
What’s going to be happen once Chikako finds out that her own mother is in love with the man she has crush on…… is the cruel news going to break the mom and daughter apart? Will she accept the truth? Where is she going to turn to? Will her mom give up love to keep her daughter? Will Chikako ever going to find true love? Will she ever believe true love does exist? You need to watch this drama to find out

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