Twin brothers Kazuya (Keita Saito) and Tatsuya (Shota Saito) are friends with the girl Minami (Masami Nagasawa) since their childhood days. They share a common fascination for baseball and promises that they will become good enough to take Minami to the tournament at the Koshien stadium. Kazuya becomes an impressive pitcher but Tatsuya becomes more interested in boxing. It is obvious that Tatsuya is taking a backseat for his brother as both of them have feelings for Minami. When fate prevents Kazuya from keeping their shared promise, his brother has to shoulder the burden and train to become a great pitcher again.

Uploader’s Comments: This is based on a manga, which also serves as the basis for a long-running anime series. I’m not familiar with either of those and I haven’t had the time to watch this yet, so I can’t say all that much. It did look quite cute when I grabbed the screens and Masami is Masami.

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