The story of a girl named Nurul who was traumatized to drive a car after she was involved in a road accident. However, her sister, Nadia and her boyfriend, Huzir helped to give her encouragement and support so she recovered completely. The movie conflict began when Jeslina, a personal assistant to Huzir, sparked a dispute between Nurul, Nadia and Huzir.

Due to Jeslina’s words, Nadia and Huzir are willing to send Nurul to a psychological treatment center at a mental illness hospital. In silence, Huzir had been attracted to Jeslina, so that the situation became uncontrollable when Huzir confessed his relationship with Jeslina. The final part of the film is a surprise because it will test whether Nurul can recover from trauma to disassociate any confusion and conflict that has caused a strangling relationship with her sister.

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