Treasure Raiders

The Siew family has sworn to protect the location of the Chor’s treasures for 60 years but in the tradition of a good old Wuxia series, nothing ever seems to be perfect.
The Plot
60 years ago, a man surnamed Siew promised to deliver the information about the whereabouts of the treasure belonging to the famous Chor Lau Heung’s descendants. Because of this promise generations of Siew fought and died to keep the promise as many in the mo-lum world heard about this treasure and sought the Siews for the information. One Siew even sacrificed his younger son so that his eldest son will carry the burden of the promise alone. And this young son grew up to be the famed and notorious thief named Siew Sap Yat Long. He was of course not a thief but a loner who lives alone and travels alone to avoid publicity but fame, even bad fame seems to run after him. But one woman, Fung Sei Leong who is a Marshall in charge of arresting him believed him and even learned to love the carefree Siew who was actually burdened by the promise.
The one day Siew met a man famous for his integrity and honour, Lin Sing Bik who married the most beautiful woman at that time, Sum Pik Kuan of the infamous Sum family. But when one day the old matriarch of Sum and her people were murdered and Pik Kwan saw Siew killing her 2 brothers, she immediately assumed Siew killed her family and swore revenge when in actual fact Sum did indeed killed the 2 brothers because these two Sum brothers betrayed their family for some unknown nemesis.

But as Siew again and again repeatedly saved Pik Kuan from danger, Pik Kwan began to appreciate him and see him as a good man. And then Pik Kuan realised her honourable husband Sing Bik was actually a traitor and was using her to find out from Siew the infamous treasure. That was when their relationship suffered but they got together again when Pik Kuan discovered she was pregnant but as she lost her baby to despicable people who were actually working for a Persian man named Siew Yew Hao, she began to hate her husband and there was a divorce between the 2. And Pik Kwan was free to love Siew and Siew was free to love Pik Kuan. And then Siew Yew Hao revealed to Siew that Sing Bik was actually his younger brother whom their father threw over the cliff years before but survived the fall. And so Siew and Pik Kuan could not love each other openly because of tradition and custom as Pik Kuan was Sing Bik’s wife and Sing Bikwas still pursuing Pik Kuan for forgiveness for ulterior motives.

It all culminated to the chamber where the treasure was hidden, with Siew Yew Hao sacrificing more than he can afford and Siew Sap Yao Loong standing there poisoned.
Who will win?

Ending Revealed
I don’t think anybody would mind if I reveal the ending. Very shocking, too shocking, the first of its kind in a TVB series that almost everybody who is anybody dies in the end.

Quire predictably and very anti-climax, Siew Yew Hao died after opening the tomb of Chor’s beloved dead wife in the treasure chamber, mostly out of dare and because he could get away with anything. The walls of the cave began to crumble and Siew Yew Hao was half crushed to death by rocks and half stabbed to death by Siew. Siew took Pik Kuan and ran out but both were separated by the walls of rocks and as Siew urged Pik Kuan to run and promising he will be outside the cave in no time, (and Pik Kuan dutifully ran) Siew was actually crushed to death inside the cave. Pik Kuan waited and on Siew’e behalf together with Sei Leong they went to the restaurant as agreed by the Chors and the Siews years before to fulfill the 60 years promise and met a girl looking exactly like Chor’s dead wife who was actually the young girl’s grandmother. As they sat there talking about love, life and death, Pik Kuan realised and knew Siew was already dead. But life goes on and she retired to a small house, living alone for the rest of her life whilst Sei Leong returned to her police life, much happy, contented but missing Siew.
Siew didn’t die did he?
Many might argue about the ending because Pik Kuan last saw Siew, playing an instrument by her house and she was smiling. But let’s face it, he was trapped in a cave, the only route out was blocked. He was actually slowly dying from poison. The last scene was a falling big rock. He died. Pik Kuan was imagining things and TVB was being really cruel.

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