Tsuki ni Inoru Pierrot SP

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41-year-old Tamai Shizuru lives with her mother and grandmother in a mountain village in Gifu Prefecture, where she works at a hospital as a receptionist. One day, she goes to the bookstore to buy reading materials for the waiting room. She recalls a picture book which she read many years ago, but she can’t recall its title. Luckily, her grandmother knows the title which is “Tsuki ni Inoru Pierrot.” Shizuru wants to read the picture book again and ends up ordering the book through an auction site on the internet. While Shizuru reads the picture book, a small piece of paper falls out of the picture book. The piece of paper seems to be a recipe, and Shizuru decides to contact the seller about whether it is okay to discard it. From then on, Shizuru and the seller begin to exchange mail. They have never met before, but the picture book, which they both read when they were young, connects them.

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